Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Salem Lake, Winston Salem - Greenway Adventure!

 If you ever find yourself in Winston Salem, NC with a bike, then you should really check out the greenways that the city has to offer. From an old abandoned rock quarry to several routes into downtown, Winston Salem has it going on for greenways. If you have a gravel bike, then take one of these wonderful greenways down to Salem Lake. It offers a 7 mile loop of mostly sand rock type surface. All of this is interconnected by bike paths, greenways, and bike lanes.

My adventure took me on a lot of what Winston Salem has to offer. In the video above I started off the Adventure doing a few laps around Salem Lake Trail before heading off to the Salem Creek Greenway. From there I visited the Quarry at Grant Park and soaked in the view of downtown from the observation pier. Once I had left the quarry, I headed to downtown via the Long Branch Trail. You can really get a great view of Winston Salem's east side of the downtown area. 

This concluded my sightseeing and I decided to finish out the Salem Creek Greenway and head on back to the car. Please checkout the video above, hit that like button, and subscribe to my channel as I will be release more videos of different Adventures around the area.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Red Sky Teardrop Camper Build Ep. 5

We have Walls!!  Episode 5 shows us what we all are wanting to see, an object that resembles a CAMPER!!! It has taken several weekends to get to this point and here it is... hope this video doesn't disappoint!

You can see that we have cut all the biscuit joining cuts, drilled pilot holes for crossmembers and installed a few temporary crossmembers. This should help support the camper while other items are installed and constructed. All the hard work is starting to pay off. 

We determine that at some point a big mistake (though only a fraction of an inch) was made. We cut the floor for the camper just a touch short. We had to fix this by cutting the floor again from another sheet of Baltic Birch. 

Mike also used a new handy tool called the DrillBlock. This tool will aid in getting the pilot holes for the screws pretty close to straight and vertical. You can see this little tool in action in the video above.

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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Red Sky Teardrop Camper Build Ep. 4

In this episode we change out the spindles on the Timbren axles from the long spindles to short spindles. We test fitted the wheel/tire combo from this original build to insure a good fit. You can see in the video that its a tight fit, but will probably work just fine.

T1E Adventures is a name and logo that comes from a previous company that Mike and myself ran for Radio Control Rock Crawler chassis. These campers are pretty much the same concept but in a larger scale, obviously. 

This was the very first design that T1E RC had. Hopefully in future video releases you will be able to see what Mike was talking about with the TVP style concept. 

Also had a mishap with the GoPro... but you have to watch the video for that story ;)

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