Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Shredding some Salem Lake Gravel and then Heading to the Brewery!


Courtnee and I went out on a Sunday Funday ride at Salem Lake. We did a few laps, headed out the greenway, and decided to go get a beer from Fiddlin' Fish Brewery.  It was a pretty fun way to end the weekend!!  Courtnee is sporting a Salsa Journeyman that I have added some custom vinyl to, to cover up some of the orange, and dial in the pink :)

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Another Day in the Woods Around Wilson Creek Gorge

We spent another day in the woods in the Wilson Creek Gorge area riding our gravel bikes. We didn't hit as many of the gravel roads and gravel climbs as we did on day one (in Part 1). It was still a great day riding down Roseboro Rd. Met another Rider over in Mortimer NC and headed up and over the climb of HWY 90, and then tackled Anthony Creek Rd. Went through Graig and down Edgemont back to Mortimer where we decided to head on back to the cabin via the 9 mile climb of Pineola Rd. 

Wilson Creek Gravel never disappoints. The weather was great that week end and the friends were even better!! Can't wait for the next Unofficial to take place!  And if I can help it, I will capture it for YouTube to see!!

I will also be publishing the full (almost uncut) descent of Roseboro Rd. It is probably the gnarliest road in the area!! 

Here are the RideWithGPS routes if anyone wants them. These start from areas you can access parking and are not 100% the same route since we departed from an undisclosed, private location.

Day 1

Day 2

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Gravel Bike Grinding - Another Wilson Creek Adventure


We were grinding those gravel hills in Wilson Creek for an epic gravel bike weekend adventure. This was the first day of riding and it did not disappoint. Lot of miles and lots of climbing! The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are so beautiful and awesome! This ride is hosted by some friends and happens every year. Its a nice small tightknit crew and I am glad they have invited me to this 2 years running now! 

We rolled up the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed over to Jonas Ridge where we landed on the first stretch of gravel, Pineola Road. Its an epic 9 mile descent and lands us in the middle of Wilson Creek Gorge.  From there we headed out to Maple Sally, then down Adako Road, and over to Anthony Creek Road. From there we went north up Edgemont Rd and back to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a 9 mile cruise back to the cabin. 

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