Thursday, November 25, 2021

Salem Lake Urban Gravel Assault - A Gravel Ride Adventure

The day started off a little rainy and chilly, but that's OK... cause where we are going, it keeps the crowds low!

This video I joined up with Pedal Vision's Greg for some fun laps around the Salem Lake in Winston Salem. We do explore out from around the lake, taking the Salem Creek Trail to Quarry at Grant Park. It has this awesome views over the water filled quarry of downtown Winston Salem, NC.

We headed up Long Branch Trail and explored some downtown sites and cruised around some of the local downtown attractions. From there we navigated the Strollway from downtown back to the Salem Creek Greenway. Checked out the wooden bridge at Old Salem and went back on our way on the greenway. 

We finished the ride out by doing some hot laps around Salem Lake again and taking it back to the car. You can see in the video that we had a blast. 

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